What’s on in Nepal

What’s on in Nepal

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Things To Do In Nepal

Nepal is packed with great things to do and some beautiful places to visit. Besides the obvious things like the Himalaya and Mount Everest which Nepal are well known for. There are also many other fantastic Things To Do In Nepal when you are visiting. There are places like the first stupa at Bodhnath which no other stupa in Nepal comes close to in terms of grace and purity, a real must see in this picturesque country. There are many other temples and monastery's scattered across Nepal, each with it's own individuality and design. There are zoo's, nature reserves and national parks that are home to some of the natural and beautiful wildlife that you find here in Nepal. The whole family can have a great day out spotting some of the extraordinary animals that you can't find anywhere else in the world. There are lakes and rivers with crystal clear water that you can swim in or spend the day fishing for some of the countries native underwater species. You can even get in a raft, kayak or canoe and go white water rafting or just explore at your own pace and enjoy the views.  If you're staying in a hotel then you are going to have your work cut out for you because the choice is going to be hard. Most of the hotels are fully equipped with swimming pools, fitness centres and places to eat. There are spas that are great to visit where you can chill out, relax and de-stress. Some spas use more unconventional methods than what you will be use to, they can be quite an experience and interesting but do wonders for your body. You definitely won't run out of Things To Do In Nepal.

Nepal Shopping

Thamel has been the centre of the tourist industry in Kathmandu which is the capital of Nepal for over four decades. It is fully equipped with plenty of places to do some shopping and pick yourself up some great souvenirs. It can get very busy during peak seasons and the local shop owners are very friendly and helpful. You will find many privately owned shops and boutiques that sell trinkets and other bits that you won't find anywhere else. You might find that a lot of the stores in Nepal sell homemade items that they have crafted themselves. You never know what treasures you could find down one of the side streets in Nepal. Of course as you get closer to the Himalaya you will find more mountaineering stores where you can purchase all of your clothing and equipment that you would need if you were going back packing or mountain climbing. You will also find tourism stores that will sell you items that might make your stay in Nepal a bit easier and help you find your way around. There are many markets scattered throughout the towns and cities of Nepal that stock a vast variety of different products, too many to list but each of the stools there has their own individuality in what they sell. You are sure to grab yourself a bargain somewhere in Nepal.

Eating Out in Nepal

If you're on holiday then you are probably wanting to let loose and not worry about counting calories. This opens up the doors to really be able to enjoy some of the deliciously satisfying cuisine that Nepal has to offer all of it's visitors. Of course the same as anywhere else in the world you will be able to get a whole variety of different food from all over the world such as Chinese food, fried chicken, pizza etc but you really need to try cuisine from it's roots here in Nepal. Since the Nepalese are in Asia, you will find some incredibly tasty dishes that involve ingredients like rice, lentils, lightly curried vegetables and pickles which when cooked fresh with fresh ingredients can make you feel like there is a party on your pallet. They have a fantastic range of different curries ranging from mildly spicy all the way to very spicy. If you're not from the Asian continent then you will find it very hard to replicate the flavours that the Nepalese bring to the table so make sure you fill up while you are here. If you're staying in a hotel then they will probably provide you with the usual international breakfasts and if they have a restaurant then you will probably find that they have a good range of international dishes and meals that were made right here in Nepal. Eating out in Nepal is an absolute pleasure and you are completely spoilt for choice.